GST Advisory Services For Automobile Industry


Automobile industry is a major sector in the Indian economy. Many automobile manufacturing companies are coming down to India to open their production center here. Hence a GST advisor is a must for automobile companies.

All businesses need to have comprehensive knowledge about GST. It helps is good decision making.  Automobile industry is not an exception. An automobile company has to identify impact of GST on long-term contracts and do tax-code mapping for business transactions.

We offer the best GST Advisory service for the automobile industry. We cater to the service requirements of both international and domestic automobile companies in India. Our GST team has huge experience in indirect tax and implications. We specialize in GST advisory services for automobile industries amongst others.

We guide our clients every step of the way in recognizing, analyzing and addressing various challenges of GST and indirect tax.

Our GST Advisory Services Include:

  • Analysis of GST Law

We analyze and advise on the GST impact on automobile industry. A review of business transactions, finance and operations is conducted.

  • Advice on restructuring of operations to ensure tax efficiency

We will advice on alternate business models to ensure tax efficiency and credit optimization. We evaluate alternate business models based on GST. We assess your contracts and take up the same with management if restructuring is required.

  • Advise on GST Anti-profiteering provisions

We assess the impact of GST on prices of your products. We advise pricing mechanism and appropriate safeguards to be adopted by the company. We also represent you before anti-profiteering regulatory authorities, if need arises.

  • GST Training

We train your staff and help them understand and work under GST regime. We offer customized training for finance, taxation, legal, sales etc. We offer training also for vendors, suppliers and customers.

  • GST Contracts Review

We also help to review and assist in contract negotiation from GST perspective. We check the structure and modules of contracts in terms of GST.

  • GST Tax Risk Management

Your GST returns are based on the accounting information provided by your company. Under GST tax risk management we ascertain GST risks based on your business operations. If required, we assess your accounting systems and avoid getting penalized by CBEC/GST Authorities for GST reporting errors.

  • GST retainer services

An automobile company may have practical issues in complying with GST requirements. So it is important for an automobile company to understand GST to avoid penalties. Our GST retainer services help you to post your queries for GST experts. You will also be notified of recent changes in GST laws.

  • Technical advice on GST

There are many automobile companies who do not know how to identify appropriate GST treatments or implication for a particular transaction. Under such circumstances our GST team would be offering technical advice on GST issues

  • GST Dispute resolution services

In some cases an automobile company may be wrongly penalized or adversely affected by assessing officer decisions. We assist your business through appealing the penalty and against such decisions. We will apply for advance rulings and file your appeal with GST tribunal.

  • GST compliance support

Our GST team will support you in the preparation and review of GST return. We conduct annual GST audits. We help in your assessments of GST Returns and also represent you before GST authorities.

Bottom Line

GST advisory services are important to automobile company. If you are looking for best GST consultant for your automobile company with extensive experience, don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer our best services to all our clients. Looking forward to meet you for your requirements.