How to find distance between two pin codes


Introduction of E-Way bill

GST Electronic Way Bill in short form is called E-Way Bill. It is document generated electronically for movement of goods from one place to another. The transportation of goods can be inside the state or between the states.

E-Way bill is compulsory when the value of goods is above prescribed limit and the distance is above prescribed limit. It is also called electronic permit.

You can generate E-Way bill online through or by sending SMS. E-way bill can be prepared by supplier / transporter. E-way bill preparers have to key-in the distance manually between the starting and end point of the transportation. They also need to enter PIN codes for starting and ending point of transportation.

Reasons to find distance - Why do I need to find distance to generate E-way bill?

Distance is a mandatory field when you are filling details in an E-way bill. The approximate distance determines the validity of the E-Way bill.

What’s the E-Way bill validity based on distance?

E-Way bill can be generated online or through SMS. E-Way bill prepared for up to 100 Kms distance is valid for 1 day. An additional 1 day will be allowed for every additional 100 Kms distance. Thus, an E-way bill prepared for 600 Kms will be valid for 6 days.

Under some circumstances, the transportation of goods cannot be completed. In such a case a new e-way bill has to be generated giving details of transportation. In some cases for certain types of goods, a notification from the commissioner can extend the period of validity of E-way bill.


  • The first day Validity of the e-way bill ends at midnight of the following day.

 Example: E-way bill prepared on June 1st , 2018 at 3pm for a distance of 70 Kms is valid up to midnight of June 2nd, 2018. E-way bill prepared on June 1st, 2018 at 3pm for a distance of 180 Kms. is valid for two days.

  • E-way bill Validity commences upon the entering of vehicle number for the first time in Part B of the e-way bill.

How distance finder will help

Distance finder will assist you in preparing an E-way bill. An individual preparing an E-way bill has to enter approximate distance of transportation of goods. It is a mandatory filed in E-way bill. Our distance finder will help you to calculate the distance in Kilometers using Postal Index Number in India. In case the distance entered in original e-way bill is not enough, you can update the distance in e-way bill during transit also.

Steps to calculate distance in Kilometers for E-way bill using PIN codes

  1. Visit
  2. Enter PIN Code number of Origin point of transportation
  3. Enter PIN Code number of Destination point or destination point of transportation and press Enter key
  4. The results of your search shows on your computer/ mobile screen.
  5. You can enter rounded-up figures of distance in your e-way bill.
  6. Please add “5KM” to “30KM” Further.

Advantages of using Distance Finder while preparing E-way bill

  • Saves time in e-way bill preparation
  • Calculates approximate distance of transportation accurately
  • Ascertain the time taken for transportation
  • Ensures validity of e-way bill
  • Assures GST compliance
  • No discrepancies can be found by tax officials in e-way bills regarding distance.

Bottom Line

We hope with the above discussion you have clear picture of about how to calculate distance between starting point and destination point of transportation using PIN codes for e-way bill. We would be happy to answer any of your queries. Please contact us!