Introduction To GST Audit

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What is GST Audit?

GST audit is a compliance under GST law. It is mandatory to conduct GST audit provided your turnover crosses Rs. 2 crore.

GST audit is a process of examination of records, returns and related documents of taxable person. The main purpose of GST audit is to verify the correctness of turnover, tax, refund and input tax credit. GST audit is also conducted to assess GST compliance.

Types of GST Audit

GST Audit is of three types as prescribed in GST law

  1. GST Audit CA or CMA
  2. GST Audit by Tax Authorities
  3. Special GST Audit – Audit by CA or CMA on GST Officer’s directions

GST Audit by CA or CMA

It is mandatory for a person registered with GST, whose turnover during a financial year exceeds Rs. 2 crores, to get his books of accounts audited by a Cost & Management Accountant (CMA) or Chartered accountant (CA). 

Every registered person under GST whose turnover crosses GST audit limit has to file the following documents electronically:

  • Annual GST return (Form GSTR 9B ) along with reconciliation statement by next 31st December
  • Annual accounts audited copy
  • a statement of reconciliation between supplies in GST return with audited annual financial statement
  • other documents

To facilitate smooth GST audit every registered person who exceeds GST audit limit has to books of accounts for determining correct value pertaining to:

  • Production
  • Inward supply
  • Outward supply
  • Stock
  • Input tax credit
  • Output tax payable and paid

Audit by Tax Authorities

  • A GST commissioner or any other officer authorized by him can conduct GST audit of registered person. They can conduct GST audit at any frequency and in any manner .
  • A notice is issued to the registered person before 15 days
  • This GST audit could be completed within 3 months from commencement.
  • GST Commissioner is authorized to extend for 6 more months on valid reasons.

Obligations of Taxable person

  • The taxable person will be required to:
  • facilitate verification of the books of accounts and other documents
  • co-operate for timely completion of an audit by providing information and assistance
  • Audit results

On completion of this GST audit by tax officers, Within 30 days, they will inform the taxable person about their findings, reasons and taxable person’s right and obligations. If any short payment of tax is found a demand notice will be raised by the officers.

Special GST Audit – GST Audit by CA or CMA on GST Officer’s directions

  • When can a special GST audit be conducted?

An order for special audit can be passed by Assistant Commissioner even your books are already audited. An Asst. Commissioner can decide on special GST audit depending on nature and complexity of case or interest on revenue. During scrutiny/investigation/ enquiry if he feels the value declared is not correct then the assistant commissioner can order a special audit

  • Who is authorized to order special audit? Who can conduct special audit?

With prior approval from commissioner, an Assistant Commissioner is authorized to order for special GST audit.

Special GST audit can be conducted by a chartered accountant or a cost accountant nominated by commissioner.

  • What is the Time limit for special audit?

GST auditor should submit a report within 90 days. It can be further extended to 90 more days by the GST officer on request from a registered person or auditor.

  • Who will bear the Cost?

All expenses regarding verification, audit process and remuneration will be worked out and paid by the commissioner.

  • What are results of Special GST audit?

Findings of this audit are disclosed to the taxable person. In case tax short payments or wrong input tax credits, demand notice is raised.

Bottom Line

Thus GST Audit is mandatory for a software company when your turnover exceeds Rs. 2 crores in a year. Our team of expert GST Auditors will help you remain GST complainant. We assure you the best of our services at all times. Contact us with your enquiries today!

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